light trails – touchdesigner meets blender

light trails | touchdesigner meets blender 3d Well, visuals made in touchdesigner, exported and imported in blender, exported and imported in davinci resolve - voila. Software: Touchdesigner, Ableton Live | Music: Stanko

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Porsche – New 911 Targa

As I finished my demo in Unreal Engine 5 in which I not only explored new features of the game engine but also challenged myself conceptually, I was so hooked up that I decided to go a step further in understanding and presenting Porsche as a very strong brand. Hence…

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Porsche – Explore the World

As Unreal Engine 5 has been released a couple of days ago, I thought it is time for my next demo exploring the possibility of this amazing game engine. However, this time I decided to raise the bar quite a bit. Firstly, I wanted to challenge myself conceptually. For this…

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reactive point cloud – touchdesigner

reactive point cloud | touchdesigner This was my first project made with Touchdesigner by following the tutorial of bileam tschepe (link to his channel: I developed it a bit further by adding some additional nodes (like feedback) und adjusting some parameters to get more variable/changing results. The main goal…

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chasing the paperplane

As many cool things in my life, this little experiment started completely spontaneously. I bought a landscape material for Unreal Engine 4 called brushify (link here) and just wanted to test it. After playing with that for about an hour I started to sculpt a terrain in UE4 to see…

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“Pure” graphic design made with Blender 3D

I was using Blender 3D for about 1 year, and so far I really liked what this open source software can do in the 3D realm. Then I thought lets see if I could go even further, meaning if I could use a 3d package for "pure" graphic design. As…

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Reel for envy

The briefing was short and clear; here, on this hard disk we have about 50 gb material of our projects in last 10 years. Please make something cool out of it. Well, I did my best.¬† Material provided by envy agency | Edited in After Effects and Premiere Pro |Music…

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chasing the light – vol. 1

Unreal Engine 4 | Music & atmos by Stanko Beronja___ Like many things in my life, this experiment got quickly its own dynamics and developed completely spontaneously. I was using Unreal Engine 4 for about one year, but all projects and commercial jobs till this baby of mine have been…

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Edit & post: After Effects | Music by various artists___ An animation for Lanok. Trying to describe on a pure discursive lever what Lanok does would fail, because they understand to communicate on that subtle level. So only way to understand what is Lanok is to watch. .

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Model agency Jenny

Edit & post: After Effects | Music by Stanko Beronja___ An animation for model agency Jenny. .

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